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Gems of Yoga Dubai


Reach Up You have the Sun and the Moon in You! 
Gems Of Yoga, the first classical, authentic yoga center of Dubai, United Arab Emirates is first and foremost a community of unique individuals who foster a safe & nurturing environment to explore the art and science of Yoga. We want to spread enlightenment, awakening, emotional growth, intellectual ascent, physical wellness and open the seven chakras like the awakening of the blooming of the lotus. And through our growth as a microcosm and as a Sangha we choose to live in the present moment, to cultivate more consciousness in the world, and to uplift others around us through our actions on the path of Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Our practice is built on the foundations of Satyananda Yoga and kundalini Yoga philosophy, although all styles of practice are welcome. We celebrate diversity while honoring the love uniting us all. Therefore, as Yoga teachers, we look for and honor the good in our students as a reflection of the Divine within each person. Our focus is not on the attainment of a perfected physical pose but the practice of opening our third eye to the beauty to be found in each day and in every situation to create thought patterns opening our Nine gates and the breeze of five winds becoming our breathcraft to prepare for the journey to the inner universe. The instructors at Gems Of Yoga maintain the highest level of personal practice, study, and integrity on and off the mat. Our classes are designed to tune in to your body as a medium to transcend the mind across the nine gates and five winds and feel LIGHT. We encourage all who enter our studio, and we strive for our personal best in each practice since “Yoga is the art of getting good at being yourself.”


  • Personal Training
  • Mat Area
  • Yoga
  • Group Exercise Class
  • Changing rooms

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One day pass to 1 Basic Yoga Class (prior booking required)

AED 100 80.00

1 day pass to 1 prenatal yoga class (prior booking required)

AED 150 120.00

1 day private yoga class (prior booking required)

AED 300 240.00

1 month pass to 4 basic yoga classes (prior booking required)

AED 360 288.00

1 month pass to 8 basic yoga classes (prior booking required)

AED 600 480.00

1 month pass to 12 basic yoga classes (prior booking required)

AED 800 640.00

1 month pass to 30 weight loss yoga classes (prior booking required)

AED 1560 1,248.00

3 months pass to 60 weight loss yoga classes (prior booking required)

AED 2860 2,288.00

6 months pass to 12 prenatal yoga classes (prior booking required)

AED 1500 1,200.00

6 months pass to 24 prenatal yoga classes (prior booking required)

AED 2640 2,112.00

6 months pass to 36 postnatal yoga classes (prior booking required)

AED 3600 2,880.00

6 months pass to 90 weight loss yoga classes (prior booking required)

AED 3900 3,120.00




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