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Illuminations Training Center


Illuminations, is a Dubai-based well-being center offering a variety of different services based on holistic healing, mental well-being and personal growth. 

Their goal is to empower individuals to detangle from the stressors of daily life and expand beyond their self imposed limitations, that create challenges in their health, career and relationships.   

All activities at Illuminations encourage clients to unearth their true potential through powerful healing therapies, meditation classes, self empowerment workshops and holistic training programs and much more! 

As a result, they are inspired to transform their life and discover the key to inner happiness, balance and contentment through a journey of self awareness and discovery.


  • Personal Training

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2 Hypnotherapy sessions (Buy one get one free)

AED 1000 750.00

Meditation Pass

AED 860 450.00

Opening Hours

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday thursday Friday Saturday
08:00-22:00 08:00-22:00 08:00-22:00 08:00-22:00 08:00-22:00 08:00-22:00 08:00-22:00


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