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BODY SOLUTIONS is no conventional fitness center. BODY SOLUTION´S Amplitrain is a technology-driven approach to losing weight and building firm muscles. BODY SOLUTIONS is a unique training system from Germany and a specialist in the EMS Market. Get perfect results with just twice a week of 20 minutes training. Amplitrain and EMA Training. An experience for everyone who wants to reach their own personal goals with the most famous German training systems in the market. 

Body shaping, muscle building, losing weight, get perfect skin…..all that can be achieved easily. Body Solutions is a concept from Germany and the quickest way to a perfect body. It is more than just a conventional fitness club. Body Solutions training is an effective and time-saving whole-body workout. Only two trainings per week, lasting as short as 20-minutes each suffice to lose weight and build muscles. BODY SOLUTIONS provides you with everything you need. We also have a ladies only section! Buy a FittPass and make an appointment now! 


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EMA Training with Amplitrain

AED 280 224.00

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