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BR Performance Studios - Al Quoz


BR is not your regular membership-based gym. We are a state of the art strength and endurance training center; offering private & semi-private training, indoor cycling & bootcamp classes, endurance coaching, Health coaching and nutrition advice.

Run 2 perform: Drills

The run drill sessions are focused on improving muscular coordination, using correct muscle activation and force development which is geared to help you enhance your stride length, strength and frequency as well increase the body’s ability to store energy and use it efficiently.

Run 2 perform: Track

The RUN2PERFORM track session is a training session that will focus on developing speed by improving stride length, cadence, threshold and endurance.

Strength for Performance

Your coach will focus on training your body in a similar motion to cycling & running with lower and upper body strength workouts that increase overall core strength and muscular endurance. The goal of the class is to create a more efficient, stronger and powerful endurance athletes.

Strength/Endurance Hills Cycling Class Description

Aerobic efforts, below your FTP (80-100%). Longer

intervals with low cadence, focusing on your pedaling, steady pace improving bike specific strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, lactate threshold, climbing. Duration of this workout is 1 hour.

HIIT/Sprints Cycling Class Description

High Intensity Interval Training or Sprint training – Short all-out

intervals, max effort, very intense above 120%FTP, followed by short recovery periods. This

workout will improve your anaerobic capacity, explosive power, acceleration. Duration of this

workout is 1 hour.

FTP Hills Intervals Cycling Class Description

Functional Threshold Power is often used as the most accessible

measure of fitness. This are longer intervals around FTP (91-105%), work to rest ratio is usually

2:1 (example 10min hard with 5min of recovery ride). This workout will improve and increase

your FTP - lactate threshold, race-pace power and speed. Duration of this workout is 1 hour.

VO2max Intervals Cycling Class Description

Shorter intervals but hard, just above your FTP 106-120%. This zone is increasing VO2Max (oxygen consumption) and build heart's ability to increase

it's cardio output. Also improving lactate threshold and race-pace power. Duration of this workout is 1 hour.

Course /Race Cycling Class Description

Course ride, like outside on the bike you can change the gears

depending of the terrain (mixed terrain, flat, hills). On this ride you can go easy or as hard as you can. Improving your race-pace speed, aerobic capacity. Duration of this workout is 1 hour.

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1 day pass to a group exercise class (prior booking required)

AED 120 102.00

One month pass to 5 group classes (prior booking required)

AED 500 425.00




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