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5 fun filled activities to do with your kids this season

Do you remember what it feels like to be a child? Surely, you can’t go back to those years, but you can definitely relive the fun with your children; whether it is dancing, zumba, swimming, or yoga. Good news is that all of these are kid friendly and can be done as a family.

Capoeira, a Brazilian dance and martial art activity allows kids to train both their defensive and creative side.

To engage in a focused activity, discipline your kids from a young age by introducing them to Muay thai, Circuit, MMA or Jiu Jitsu. This will definitely bring out the mean side of your kids allowing them to develop a strong exterior and release the warrior within!

Why not try hula hooping with your child? Your hips won’t lie and this fun-filled activity is guaranteed to bring you and your child many laughs and giggles, as well as awesome hip movement.

A mini hip-hop star would enjoy zumba. While dancing to the funkiest beats, you learn to get in line and work on killer dance moves. Allowing you to incorporate the dance moves into any song genre. Ballet is a slower paced and more focused activity that will bring out your elegant and feminine side. Now all of this is made possible with

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