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Healthy Chicken Clear Soup

This chicken soup is perfect for kids or adults. It is extremely simple and good for any day whether summer or winter. 

Ingredients: [Serves 2-3]
Chicken Pieces– 1/2 cup
Minced Ginger-Garlic – 1 tsp
Chopped Cilantro – 2 tsp
Salt and Pepper – to taste
Water – 3 cups
Honey – 2-3 tsp

1. Add everything except honey in a pot/wok/pan (you can also add chopped carrot, peas, if you like). 

2. Bring it to boil and simmer until chicken gets cooked around 10 minutes.

2. Divide the soup in 2-3 bowls and add 1 tsp honey in each bowl before serving.  

Enjoy this soup hot and relish.

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