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Are you Nuts for Nuts

Dietitians and nutritionists generally recommend nuts as a healthy snack, because they are packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and protein. These small powerhouses can get you through the few hours before dinner when your tummy is rumbling. Like with everything else, moderation is key, because although they are healthy, they are high in fat and calories; and if you eat too many of them, you’ll ruin your appetite. It’s important to note that nuts are healthy in their raw form, add any sugar or salt to them and they lose their nutritious value. So, which nuts should you have and which nuts should you avoid? Let’s break it down.
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Five Tips for healthy eating during the festive season

Celebrating the holiday season with your loved ones can absolutely bring joy & happiness. However, for so many people it also becomes a time for over-eating and weight gain. By following these few simple tips, you’ll be able to stay healthy through the holiday season: Read More

Healthy Eating

Publications often mislead us about what is healthy and what is not. For example, Muesli bars are usually categorized as a healthy snack, but are they really that healthy? Read More

You cannot out train a bad diet

Many people have the wrong perception, that if they just exercise then they don't need to worry about eating healthy!

Whether you want to gain muscles, lose fat, live healthy or even compete at the highest levels of sports, what will help you to achieve your goal is always the right NUTRITION. Read More

5 tips for a healthy Eid this year

After a month of fasting, here comes the celebration of Eid, where we all return to our pre-Ramadan eating routine and normal eating habits. In the beginning, the sudden change may cause heartburn or indigestion. Therefore, we must be selective with the type of food we eat, so it is not too hard on our  system.


Here are some diet tips that will help you enjoy Eid in a healthy way
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Who said you have to be low on energy in Ramadan

It is commonly known that the energy and productivity levels of those who fast fall significantly during the month of Ramadan compared to the normal days. The body functions on less food & fluids, causing laziness & fatigue to the body, especially in the summer season where weather temperatures are high.
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