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Dubai Capoeira


Welcome to the home of capoeira Mestre Alabama Dubai. The group has been active since 2009. Capoeira Dubai was set up by professor Espoelta. Professor Espoleta has taught capoeira in many countries, such as USA, UAE, India, Iran, France, South Africa, Brazil and South Africa. Although Capoeira was created 500 years ago and is not a new martial art, it is more common and well known today, with it being practiced all around the world and even influencing some dance forms.

Capoeira is a martial art that has elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals, all performed in an elegant and rhythmic way. The benefits of this martial art is that not only will you be physically strong, but it also allows you to be flexible and improves your concentration, courage and creativity. Dubai Capoeira offers classes for both adults and children and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced, there is always something there for every one and its fun. Buy a one day pass to try it out or buy an 30 day pass and get unlimited group exercise classes.

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  • Personal Training
  • Group Exercise Class
  • Kids classes

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group exercise class (Prior booking required)

AED 100 90.00

Capoeira Unlimited Group Exercise Classes (Children Only)

AED 650 585.00

Capoeira Unlimited Group Exercise Classes

AED 700 630.00


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday thursday Friday Saturday
Kids 6+ 17:00, Adults 18:00 & 19:30 NA kids 2 -5 16:00 Kids 6+ 17:00, Adults 18:00 & 19:30 NA Kids 6+ 17:00, Adults 18:00 & 19:30 NA NA


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