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Milan Pole Dance Studio


Located in JLT on the 15th floor of a modern tower with a breath taking view, Milan Pole Dance Studio offers intense yet fun workouts through its signature Pole Fitness classes, ranging from Basic Pole to Pole Conditioning and Pole Gymnastics as well as flexy, aerial fabric, twerk in addition to acro kids classes.

Women of all ages and fitness levels are able to enjoy one of a kind fitness and dance workout that is tailored to their busy schedules. With our variety of flexible class packs and memberships, you can choose to train in a multitude of classes, whenever and as frequently as you like!

Officially recognized as a sport in recent years, Pole Fitness is a discipline that promotes strength, flexibility and cardiovascular benefits combining dance, gymnastics and acrobatics. Classes are designed to suit all levels and consist of 60-minute sessions of dance or training with group warm-ups and cool downs., get your FittPass today and enjoy!


  • Group Exercise Class

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Acrokids Class

AED 125 100.00

Aerial Hammock - All levels

AED 125 100.00

Aerial Hoop - Beginners/Intermediate

AED 125 100.00

Aerial Yoga - All Levels

AED 125 100.00

Flexy - All Levels

AED 125 100.00

Pole Conditioning

AED 125 100.00

Pole Dance - Beginners

AED 125 100.00

Pole Dancing class (Sun/Tues/Thurs)

AED 125 100.00

Pole Gym - Beginners

AED 125 100.00

Pole Gym - Beginners/Intermediate

AED 125 100.00

Twerk Class - All Levels

AED 125 100.00


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday thursday Friday Saturday
13:00-21:00 13:00-21:00 10:30-21:00 13:00-21:00 10:30-21:00 11:00-13:00 11:00-13:00


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