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Universal Fitness - Personal Training


Universal Fitness is Dubai’s Premier Fat Loss Specialist who works with men and women needing the right support with what to eat, how to exercise and provide unstoppable motivation.

We’re the only mobile personal trainers to offer a result based money back guarantee!

We offer 2 different exercise and nutrition packages that our clients are guided through. As a result, they are looking and feeling great with more energy and confidence than ever before.

If you’re looking for that extra motivation, support and guidance then we recommend our 1-1 or Partner Personal Training packages which will get you the best results in the most efficient way possible.

You'll Receive 

  • -Initial Physical & Medical Assessment to help design a plan around your specific requirements. We’ll assess physical performance, flexibility, core stability and posture as well as record body measurements for tracking your progress.
  • -Lifestyle and Nutritional Assessment, coaching you how to make small adjustments to your daily habits to make huge improvements in your energy levels and determination to succeed.
  • -Regular one-on-one training from a Certified Personal Trainer either at your home, outside or a gym to keep you focused, on target to achieve your goals and ensure you are exercising efficiently.
  • -Printable, tasty, quick and easy-to-follow recipes to make healthy nutrition more enjoyable and easy to maintain.
  • -Anytime access via email and phone to give you around the clock support.


  • Personal Training


1 month pass to 4 personal training sessions

AED 1280 1,088.00

1 month pass to 8 personal training sessions

AED 2480 2,108.00

3 months pass to 12 personal training sessions

AED 3600 3,060.00

3 months pass to 16 personal training sessions

AED 4640 3,944.00

3 months pass to 20 personal training sessions

AED 5600 4,760.00

6 months pass to 30 personal training sessions

AED 8100 6,885.00




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